Is Is
A collection of thoughts
by Kenn Gividen

As things come to mind, I jot them down in a journal.
Below are some of those entries.
� Copyright 2004; use permission granted, credit Kenn Gividen


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Government is no longer for the people because government is no longer by the people.

Democrats and Republicans will continue wasting taxpayers' money as long as taxpayers continue wasting votes on Democrats and Republicans.

The problem with the Republican Party is that it keeps splitting the Libertarian Party vote.

Democrats believe government can solve problems by creating laws that throw money at them.

Republicans believe government can solve problems by wasting money to throw laws at them.

Libertarians believe that Democrats and Republicans waste money to create laws and create laws to waste money. And that?s the problem.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats can be summarized in three words: Dumb and dumber.

Al Capone was notorious for manipulating people by giving them stolen money.
Democrats are notorious for manipulating people by giving them ?entitlements?.
Republicans are notorious for manipulating people by giving them tax breaks.

All are thieves. Would it not have been better if they simply hadn?t stolen the money?

There are three legitimate entitlements: The right to life, the right to liberty and the right to pursue happiness.

The price of liberty is the absence of security and the price of security is the absence of liberty. For where there is security, liberty is wanting. Where there is liberty, security is wanting.

When by virtue of its character society forbids itself from doing harm to others, the laws prohibiting that harm are rendered useless. It is character, then, that is the foundation of liberty.

Six million Jews minus six million guns equal one Hitler.

When liberty is exchanged for security both are lost.

Liberty is the right to be stupid, the privilege to be responsible and the freedom to make the choice.

The waitress asked, "Would like decaf or regular coffee?" I replied, "I'd like a diet Coke." She smiled. "You didn't answer my question." In debate, an accurate answer may require not answering the actual question.

They say the cure for cancer will be found in a rain forest. And I believe them. First, they'll bulldoze the forest. Then they?ll build a research center. And there the cure for cancer will be discovered.

Most are familiar with the phrase from the Declaration of Independence that reads, "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." But few are familiar with the phrase that follows: "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted..." Government exists to secure our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more; nothing less!

What communism promised, capitalism delivered.

If it?s an inalienable right, then why do you need a license?

Ultimately, every economy is labor based. When no one works, nothing is produced. When nothing is produced, nothing can be bought or sold.

What good is universal health care insurance if there is no universal health care?

In Canada, the availability of health care is decreased in direct proportion to the increase in free health care insurance. Ultimately, the Canadians will become like the Cubans. In Cuba everyone has free health care insurance but no one has health care.

Welfare does not stagnate an otherwise healthy economy; it reverses it.

To empower government to take away your beer can is to empower government to take away my Bible. And to empower government to take away my Bible is to empower government to take away your beer can.

We already have a Patriot Act. It?s called The Bill of Rights.

Has it never occurred to the advocates of zero population growth that the industrial, information and technology explosions coincided with the population explosion?

It is a futile act for the government to move people from the slums to housing projects. They simply turn the housing projects into slums. Why? Because there is no change in their personal character. For this same reason it is a futile act for the government to move drug abusers from their lairs to the prisons. They simply turn the prisons into drug houses.

Some day there will be no drug dealers, no purse-snatchers and no armed robbers. Fraud will be impossible, as will tax evasion. Cash will be gone. Bartering will be cumbersome, inconvenient and, thanks to satellite surveillance, impossible in quantity. Electronic currency will transmit from a convenient chip in your hand and an id chip in your forehead. Your chip will contain your medical history, work history and credit history. It will be your charge card and debit card. Missing children will be a thing of the past, for the laws that now require children to be vaccinated and to posses a social security number will then require them to be implanted with a chip. Terrorists will have nowhere to hide, armies will not move without detection, and payment to illegal aliens workers will be impossible. Liberty will have been wholly replaced by security. I do not wish to live in that society.

Slaves are those who work for another against their will. When I hire workers for $10 per hour, I am forced to send $3.50 of their pay to their slave master. Against their will, the employees are forced to give 35% of their work to the federal government. The Chinese government charges less for their slave labor. Consequently, American corporations are using Chinese slave labor rather than American slave labor.

Cuba has a one-man, one-vote democracy. Fidel Castro is the one man who gets the one vote.

An animal rights activist decides to protest by throwing red paint on a person wearing animal skin clothing. He spies two people. One is a thin, middle-aged woman wearing a fur coat. The other is a burly Hell?s Angel wearing a leather jacket. Who will the activist choose?

Libertarians actively fight to conserve the Bill of Rights. Are they not, then, the true conservatives?

Government may be called upon to be a referee. It must never be the coach. It must never be a player.

Libertarians believe that everyone should have the right to be stupid. Authoritarians wish to reserve that right for themselves then force it upon the rest of us.

To deny one the choice to do wrong is to deny one the choice to do right.

Look at any one of the countless thousands of photographs of black American slaves. Apparent is their poverty, their sorrow and their lack of weapons.

Mothers entrust their young children to the care of a government preschools. They must then go to work to earn wages to pay taxes to subsidize government childcare. Would it not be wiser for mothers to simply keep their tax dollars?

If someone shoots you dead, it matters greatly to the government if the act was intentional or accidental. To you, it matters not. Dead is dead. If our nation?s demise is due to intentional conspiracy or to natural drift away from the founder?s ideals, it matters not. Dead is dead.

"You can't put that in the landfill," he said.

?Why not?? I asked.

?It?s plastic,? he explained. ?It?s not biodegradable.?

?But plastic is made of petroleum,? I protested. ?And that comes from the ground. I?m just putting it back.?

284 years lapsed from the discovery of America in 1492 until the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 228 years have lapsed between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and today. Though often viewed as the beginning point of the American phenomenon, the American Revolution was, to date, a mid-point in our nation?s lifespan.

There is an often overlook difference between the founders of America and the likes of Hitler and Stalin. While the dictators openly boasted that their governments were strong enough to last for centuries, the founders of America frequently warned that our liberty was fragile and, if not protected with all diligence, would quickly and easily be lost.

Justice, alone, is an inadequate reason for government to punish evildoers. Primarily, government should punish those who hurt others as a dire warning to those who would follow their examples.

Civil government has two functions: The first is to punish bad guys as a warning and the second is to reward good guys with liberty.

Socialism promises hope and delivers poverty. Capitalism promises nothing and delivers opportunity.

Bill Clinton advises us to all pay our fair share of taxes. I ignored his advice and sent the IRS a check anyway.

It is quintessential liberal hypocrisy. If they truly believe higher taxes will benefit society, why do they not simply donate additional funds to the government?

"Investing" is a term politicians use for wasting tax dollars.

If all were to heed the advice of Bill Clinton, ?Pay your fair share to the IRS,? the government would be broke.

The Bible advises me to pray for those in authority. And I do. But no matter how hard I pray, they keep getting reelected.

Though a monopoly, the United States Postal Service is one government agency that could remotely be considered libertarian in that it is funded by user fees rather than taxes.

In 1776 the choice was to join the Red Coats or fight them. In 2006 the choice is to vote for Republicrats or vote Libertarian.

It is not the role of government to compel you to do what you would not. Nor should government compel you not to do what you would. Only when you infringe on the rights, person or property of others should government intervene.

Having invested only $200,000 in Social Security, she retired a pauper, Had her money been privately invested, she would have retired a millionaire. Social Security makes paupers of millionaires.

We will be a nation of private individuals or we will be a nation of government slaves.

Every new law enacted takes space once occupied by liberty.

We call them "lawmakers" not "lawtakers."

If you can't be trusted to govern yourself, then others can't be trusted to govern themselves. Can others, then, be trusted to govern you?

If all plant seed in the garden, there will be plenty. If all take seed from the garden, there will be nothing. Free enterprise puts seed in the garden. Taxation takes it out.

Some wars are just. No wars are good.

The Bill of Rights was designed to be a chain by which Americans bind government. It was never intended to be a chain by which government binds Americans.

The Bill of Rights was designed to keep Americans free by restricting government. It was never intended that government be free to restrict Americans.

The framers of the Bill of Rights got it right the first time.

The best way to insure poverty is to subsidize it with tax dollars.

Want to witness the spirit of small business? Visit ebay.

China will never invade America, lest we shut down their Walmarts. America will never invade China lest Walmart lose its best supplier.

The road to peace is not paved so much with good will as with good deals.

The cardinal rule of world peace: Never invade your best customer and never bomb your supplier.

More Americans fear the IRS than Al Qaeda.

Want to avoid racial discrimination? Invest in securities. The stock doesn?t even know you own it.

If Hillary Clinton were the architect, the Republicans are the builders. They have done what Bill Clinton could never do. They have turned America into Hillary's Village.

Question: When George W. Bush and his "compassionate conservative" congress dramatically increased the size of government, did they make you angry? Answer: No, they made me a Libertarian.

The contest between Republicans and Democrats is driven by this ideal: Whose buddies will get the lucrative government contracts?

Patriots were those whose love for their country was made evident by their hatred for excessive government.

Government education is nothing more than a very expensive entitlement program.

When government regulates the price a manufacturer can charge for medicine, the manufacturer will stop making the medicine.

What do you call a business that operates like the federal government? Organized crime.

There?s really nothing wrong with government. It?s the idiots that run it.

If the majority were always right, there would be no political parties.

Depression, dysfunction and dejection in adults are frequently lifetime scars formed by forced socialization in government schools.

As parents have the right to choose medical professionals for their children, they should also have the right to choose educational professionals for their children.

If the Libertarian Party won?t take a stand for restoring the Bill of Rights, who will?

To discriminate in favor of a particular class of people is to discriminate against those not included. To require that some must be included is to require that others must not be included.

What if they held an election and no one showed up?

Gridlock, they say, prevents government from working. And that?s bad?

Ask not what your country can do for you, lest you create a welfare state. Nor ask what you can do for your country, lest you create a slave state. Ask what you can do for yourself. And that will create a free state.

When government is free to act upon its own will, you will not. When you are free to act upon your own will, the government will not.

Communism is a simple plan: Everything is owned by the government for the supposed benefit of society. Government education is a simple plan: Everything is owned by the government for the supposed benefit of society.

Legalizing medical marijuana could result in graft and abuse. The same is true of Prozac.

The right to happiness mandates government entitlements. The right to pursue happiness mandates the absence of government entitlements.

Liberals believe you have the right to happiness. Libertarians believe you have the right to pursue happiness.

Someday there will be one, universal currency. It will require a central bank. There will be a chairman of that bank. And that person will control the world.

Do I believe in a flat income tax? Absolutely. And zero is a nice flat number.

In the 1950s health care was available to nearly all, health insurance was dirt cheap and physicians routinely made house calls. Then government stepped in and fixed it.

Though civilization has been around for, perhaps, ten thousand years, it wasn't until 1776 that we finally got it right. And now we've blown it.

The electronic check I sent on the internet today replaced a paper check that replaced cash that replaced the gold standard that doesn't exist.

Help me with my grammar. Shall I write, "The United State is singular" or shall I write, "The United States are plural"?

When asked in debate what I would do for hispanic immigrants, my answer was straightforward. "I will give you the same opportunity afforded my immigrant ancestors: Get government out of your way."

I don't look upon them as immigrants. I see them as my ancestors. To despise hard-working immigrants is to despise one's own heritage.

The immigration problem can be easily resolved: End welfare and entitlements. Then, the only immigrants who will come to America will be those who wish to contribute their labor to our economy.


When government takes our rights, it is taking that which was endowed by the Creator. It is rendering to Caesar that which is God's. It is a violation of separation of church and state.

While attending the 2004 Southern Baptist Convention, I noted each overweight male who passed by. I also noted each who was not overweight. The score? Of the hundred that I counted, 80% were obviously overweight; 20% were not. If homosexuality were as prevalent in the SBC as gluttony, it would be considered a liberal denomination.

Christian conservatives confuse regulation with righteousness. Righteousness ? not regulation ? exalts a nation.

American currency reads, "In God We Trust." We trust government for welfare, education and social security. Government is the god in which we trust.

The Egyptians believed Pharaoh was a god. The Greeks believed Alexander the Great was a god. The Romans worshipped Caesar as a god. Americans depend on government as their god.

I never met a member of the Moral Majority who was moral by government mandate.

There is economic welfare. Government attempts to provide economic solutions to problems rooted in personal character. It always fails. There is moral welfare. Government attempts to provide moral solutions to a problems rooted in personal character. It always fails.


The Declaration of Independence guarantees the right to life and the right liberty. To be consistent, we must defend both.

An abortion is a procedure in which a pregnancy is aborted. In a c-section procedure, the pregnancy is aborted for the purpose of saving the baby?s life. Should we, then, cease calling procedures that end the baby?s life ?abortions? and properly call them ?baby killings??

The Libertarian Party is the only national party that categorically denounces tax-funded abortions.

I recently saw a car that sported a bumper sticker reading, "I Vote Pro-Life." The car also donned a sticker touting a Republican candidate. Considering the GOP supports tax-funded abortions, I considered the driver either ignorant or hypocritical.


The greatest risk is to risk nothing.

A business that has no debt cannot fail. At it?s worse it will break even.

John earns ten dollars per hour. Bob earns ten dollars per hour.

John bought ten gizmos imported from China for one dollar each. Bob bought one gizmo made in America for ten dollars.

John earns ten times more than Bob.

I recently met a pre-teenage girl who is a financial genius. In 2002 she earned $68 billion more Enron and all she did was baby sit part time.

So what if your new car loses 20 percent of its value when you drive it off the dealer's lot?! The resell value of a newly purchased vehicle is not relative ? unless you plan to sell it immediately. What does matter is the car's value after several years and many miles.

My advice? Price compare by cost per mile rather than sticker price. Example: A new $30,000 car driven for 100,000 miles will cost 30 cents per mile. A used $15,000 car driven for 50,000 miles will also cost 30 cents per mile... but will be out of warranty! (And you haven't saved a dime!)

New car advantages:

? higher resell value of single owner vehicle
? same cost per mile as used car (or slightly more)
? full warranty
? keep same vehicle twice as long
? fewer maintenance problems

New car disadvantages:

? higher taxes
? higher insurance cost


Is is.

When to you their wisdom is that of fools, to them your wisdom is that of fools.

Hear vs Heed:

Hear everyone. Heed only the wise and prudent.

Past, present and future:

? Today is five years ago from five years from today.
? If tomorrow is today's future, then today is tomorrow's past. You can change the past by changing the present.

Be a friend to all; a fool of none.

Thoughts on abnegation: At the core of every theist is a denial of faith, revealed by the theist?s behavior. And at the core of every atheist is an obsession to deny that which is professed to be non-existent.

Some ask questions to get answers. Some ask to get arguments. Answer the former and ignore the latter.

Don't open your mouth if it makes your brain disappear.

If intolerance is wrong, must one tolerate intolerance?

We credit to gods what we cannot know or understand.

Pragmatism usually lies somewhere between idealism and realism. To wholly embrace idealism is to fail to function in the real world. To wholly deny idealism is to fail the opportunity to improve upon reality.

Some of the best Christians I know are atheists.

What can be more silly than a bunch of Christians trying to prove true that which is not? A bunch of antheists trying to disprove that which is not.

The Bill Cosby Show, Leave it To Beaver and other sitcoms all share this common denominator: These television families never watch television. Vicariously, they live our lives as we watch.

It?s common sense to believe that for common good we must meet on common ground.

Occasionally, someone will ask about my religion. My response is, ?I?m an Isist.? Is is not what I think, believe it to be or even could be. Is just is.

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Bonues quotes

The art of parking...

? In a parking garage, choose a space close to the elevator on an upper floor rather than choose a lower floor away from the elevator. There's usually plenty of space on the top floor.

? When parking at a fast food restaurant, don't park where you may later be blocked in by vehicles in the drive-through lane.

? You will save a few steps if you park close to the mall entrance. But is it worth fighting for a close spot? After all, you'll be walking much inside the mall.

? Rather than choose a parking space close to the entrance, choose a space where there are fewer vehicles, preferring a lone spot on the end of a row. Your car will suffer fewer dings and the added distance to the door will allow you to burn a few extra calories.

? Park where its easy to get out.

? When possible, select the end slot in parking lot. Only one vehicle can park next to you. The result will be 50 percent fewer dings in the side of your car.

? Visiting? When safe and convenient, choose to park on the street rather than in the driveway. There's less chance you'll get blocked in by a late arriving vehicle.

? Before you get out of your vehicle with the engine running, roll down the window part way, leaving enough space for your arm. You'll never lock the keys in the vehicle while the engine is running.

? Turn the engine off BEFORE shifting to PARK. This will save wear and tear on your transmission.

? When backing into a parking space, use both mirrors, but focus on only one. You'll drive in a straighter line.

? If you get parking ticket, make a copy before mailing a check with the fine. Send the copy and keep the original. Then, just for the fun of it, place the original under the pastor's windshield wiper next Sunday.

� Copyright, 2004

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