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By Prepaid Phone Cards

Broadmedia Announces G-Phone DLX IP-Phone

Broadmedia has announced the availability of the G-Phone DLX IP-phone, a product combining a standard telephone and an Internet telephone in one. Designed primarily for residential and SOHO use, the G-Phone DLX gives users the option of making long distance telephone calls over the PSTN, or over the Internet. To use the G-Phone DLX, the user simply pushes a dedicated button on the front panel and VoIP service is automatically invoked.

The G-Phone DLX looks and acts like a regular desktop telephone. It includes premium telephone features such as last number redial, hold with mute, tone/pulse dialing, flash button, and ten buttons for recalling individual phone numbers. VoIP operation is provided by a built-in Broadmedia G-Phone VoIP gateway.

The standard G-Phone gateway is intended for commercial use. It connects to a telephone switching system and requires an "always on" Internet connection such as a T1 or DSL line. The G-Phone DLX, however, is an integrated one-user system and connects to the Internet through a dialup connection. A modem within the G-Phone DLX enclosure automatically dials the user's ISP whenever a freeTone VoIP connection is chosen.