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By International Calling Cards


iSoftel will unveil the Millenia Prepaid/ Postpaid Management System (PPMS), Version 4.0 at the Communications Solutions EXPO, booth 157, going on now at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Millenia PPMS is a Windows NT-based system that enables service providers to deliver revenue generating prepaid and postpaid services, long distance resale and enhanced services, all with real- time billing and fraud control capabilities. Integrating the robust functions and capabilities of previous versions, Millenia PPMS, Version 4.0 now features a Web-enabled interface.

The Millenia PPMS includes iSoftel's patented Softool Reporting Tool, a graphical, object-oriented platform for creating and quickly deploying services. Softool offers service providers and agents the ability to access the system through the Web to complete administrative tasks and allow their customers to access their account over the Web for such tasks as viewing Call Detail Records and making a payment. Standard and customized reports may be easily generated for accounting, billing and general analysis on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

"The new Millenia System offers service providers the power of a full featured prepaid and postpaid system, with the freedom and flexibility of Web-based management to conduct their business more effectively," said Michelle Chan, vice president of sales at iSoftel.